Best Digital Portfolios for Students

Young boy works on laptop computer while teacher looks over his shoulder smiling
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The days when a student’s backpack could serve as her portfolio are over.

In today’s classroom, assignments are fulfilled not only with pen and paper, but also with computers and cell phones. How to best present, distribute, and preserve such digital endeavors is an important question for teachers and students alike. 

The following top digital portfolio platforms offer a broad range of functionality. Most are multimedia, easily handling a variety of file types -- text, image, links, video, audio, social media embeds, and more. Many allow collaboration and communication, as well as educator controls. Most importantly, these provide a way to safeguard, assess, and share students’ work with pride. 


Artsonia is like a dream come true for art-minded teachers and students: a free, safe, educational space through which students showcase their digital creativity. Friends and family can view, comment on, and purchase keepsakes immortalizing the artistic efforts. The easy-to-navigate site integrates with Google Classroom and provides a comprehensive teachers’ guide. Celebrate your kids’ artistry with Artsonia!

ClassDojo Portfolios
A free, easy-to-use platform that allows kids to share their assignments while teachers retain control for safety. Students simply scan the class QR code (no logins!), then create and submit photos, videos, journal entries, and more. 

A free multimedia presentation tool that students can use to upload, share, and export projects and schoolwork. Not sure how to get started? Try one of the included templates or browse others’ productions. Integrates with Microsoft Office suite.  

Google Sites  
Creating a digital portfolio/website could not be any easier than Google Sites makes it. The drag-n-drop interface lets students quickly insert content such as text, images, embeds, calendars, YouTube videos, maps, and much more. Use one of the provided six themes, or create a custom one, then publish as a public or restricted-view site. 


One of the oldest and best-known web platforms for education, Edublogs makes it easy to start building a free Wordpress platform for teachers and students. The free plan offers 1 GB storage, class management tools, and no advertising. A robust set of educator guides and community participation is another big plus for Edublogs.

What’s a “bulb”? Just as a light bulb illuminates a space, this digital bulb illuminates student work, allowing it to be clearly presented and shared. Bulb makes it easy for K-12 and higher education students to create a multimedia digital record of their ideas, performances, research, and learning. 

At first glance, it may not be obvious that VoiceThread can serve as a digital portfolio. It is a multimedia slideshow tool that allows users to record voice, music, and sound effects to accompany each presentation. These capabilities open a world of possibilities for students to showcase their achievements as well as for teachers to review and comment. 

Book Creator
Like VoiceThread, Book Creator isn’t marketed as a digital portfolio platform. Yet, with features such as multimedia uploads and numerous ways to save work, students can easily create and share their digital efforts. The generous free account allows up to 40 “books” and online publishing rights.  


Originally created for teachers and students, PortfolioGen is now intended for anyone who wants a professional way to showcase their skills, experience, and accomplishments. Options for digital portfolios include blogs, endorsements, athletic achievements, message center, employment history, and password protection. Bulk education pricing is available. 

Seesaw for Schools
Designed for education, Seesaw for Schools provides a platform through which students complete and share school assignments and projects. By tracking their progress, kids gain a sense of mastery and pride in their schoolwork. Plus, parents and guardians can be involved too -- just download the free companion Seesaw Family app. Integrates with Google Classroom. 

Diana Restifo